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STEAM in Oulu is a network of schools and units of early childhood education, basic education and upper secondary school, where STEAM learning and teaching is developed. STEAM in Oulu network is supported by an extensive partner network. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics.

STEAM in Oulu is an innovative Oulu school and teacher community that started development in 2018. Currently, more than 30 STEAM schools are involved in the network.

STEAM is student-centered, experimental, and community-based learning that improves a school’s operating culture from the perspective of doing and learning together. Each school creates its own STEAM practices, but no school is alone. The network of STEAM schools shares their know-how.

STEAM in teaching

The development of the Oulu STEAM study path started with project funding granted by the Finnish National Agency for Education in 2018. Six schools and the University of Oulu’s FabLab joined forces and created the primary school STEAM study path. The learning pathways are tested in Oulu schools and available to everyone.

STEAM pedagogy uses technology, science, and art as approaches to teaching students self-direction, interaction skills, and critical thinking. The goal is to cultivate persistent, responsible, cooperative and courageous problem solvers. STEAM-education emphasizes teaching cross curricular subjects and 21st century skills.

In teaching, STEAM means combining subject groups and technology into broad learning entities. Students are involved in building them and key collaboration between teachers is important. STEAM teaching is most successful when it is part of the school’s curriculum work. STEAM study modules can include any subject.

STEAM inside the Oulu schools

STEAM requires room for crafts, coding and doing things in groups. Some Oulu schools have built separate STEAM classrooms or maker-spaces where they have centralized all the technology and STEAM-activities. These spaces are usually equipped with 3D printers, vinyl and laser cutters and electronic tools.

In Oulu, there are Makerspace facilities in the following schools:

  • Hintta school, Koklaamo
  • Oulujoki School, Ähräämö
  • Rajakylä school, Maker-tila
  • Vesala School, Tuunaamo
  • Yli-Ii School, Värkkäämö

STEAM is learnt by doing and training

We have developed a model for STEAM teacher training together with the University of Oulu and its Fab Lab.

The model includes working methods, pedagogy, and use of technology. Principals have trainings in FabLab where they learn how to run and lead the STEAM-process at their schools. Some of the teachers are also educated in Fab Lab.

We have also a mentoring model to support new STEAM-schools. Ín the mentoring model, an existing STEAM-school helps and supports the new school to create their own approach to STEAM-teaching and learning.

In addition, the City of Oulu has STEAM-tutors who assists all teachers to give pedagogical guidance, help in projects and technology.

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